FAQ’s about Wedding Photography, Videography, and Photo Booths.

Why should I choose Pointe Digital to shoot my wedding?
Our focus is on you.  What do you want?  How do you want your pictures and video to end up?  What is your story?  Finding this out enables us to really get creative and produce amazing videos and pictures that you will love.  You will be relaxed knowing the wedding of your dreams is really happening and that you will be able to remember it forever.
What kind of experience do you have?
Doug (video) & Rochelle (photo) have shot hundreds of weddings and events.  What does that mean to you?  You are in good hands.  Experience is everything in the wedding business as it is in any other business.  Why would you hire someone who just bought a camera from Costco and took a few classes?  Yes, they are going to be cheaper but is that what you really want?
How far do you travel?
To the moon and back if we have to.  We have shot weddings and events all over the United States, from Washington DC to San Diego, all over Utah, all over California, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Oregon, & for non-profit organizations in Guatemala and the country of Georgia (these were both amazing experiences).
What is a same day edit?
A same day edit (or SDE) is typically a one song highlight of the Temple or wedding ceremony that is shown at the reception. This usually becomes a big highlight at your reception.  There are two ways to show the SDE.  First, is to have it looping on a TV that we can provide if one isn’t available already or to have a Grand Showing.  This way, everyone can see your wedding highlight film instead of just a minute or two as they walk by.  The Grand Showing is always a huge hit!
Do we have to hire you for both photography & videography?
No, you can hire us for one or the other or both.  However, over the years, we have noticed that when we do work together the video and the pictures always turn out better.  Why? Because now you have two people who have shot together hundreds of times.  Knowing how someone shoots will always make a world of difference especially at a wedding.  There is no awkwardness that usually happens when a photographer and videographer are shooting together for the first time.  That being said, even if you only hire us for one, we will still do a good job and we do work well with other companies, it’s just not what it could be.
What style of videography & photography do you shoot?
It is a mixture of several styles.  Candids, posed, traditional, even vintage if you want.  And the same goes for the editing.
What is a photo booth?  And why should we hire you?
A photo booth is exactly that.  Your guests can step inside our custom made photo booth with any of the fun props that we bring and take 4 pictures that are printed out in about 15 seconds once they are done.  Two strips are printed so the guest gets to keep one and you get to keep one.  The most popular way for you to get a copy of each strip is in a scrap book type album.  The strips are glued inside the album and your guests can write a message next to their pictures for you.  This will be another highlight of your wedding.  And your guests will have a ton of fun.
What makes your photo booth different?
Our shortest package for a wedding is 4 hours.  Do you really want your photo booth to be turned off before the end of your reception?  We’ve seen it happen so many times when we are at a wedding doing photography and videography but they hired someone else to do the photo booth.  It’s really awkward for your guests.  Our photo booth is 100% automated.  While we do have someone there to assist your guests, it can run all by itself.  There is a touch screen monitor inside the booth with easy to read buttons (photo or video) and once they choose what to do, the process starts.  Your guests can also leave you a video message.

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