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Elizabeth Beckmann

First and foremost, let me say that if you are looking for a wedding videographer that will deliver an amazing wedding and wedding reception video for a very equitable price, Pointe Digital’s Doug Larson is your man!

I cannot say enough good about Doug and the services he provided! My husband and I gave the wedding video to my sister and her new husband as our wedding gift to them (as we value our own wedding video so much!). Doug not only captured every meaningful moment outside the LDS temple where my sister was married, but he also captured the events and ambience of the wedding reception. As a film major myself, I have to say that his editing to the songs my sister chose for the video was beautiful.

An amazing service he offers (on top of the videos themselves) is that he has the wedding video from the morning edited and ready to play during the reception that same night! I didn’t realize the value of that service until he came with his extra-large TV screen and set up the video at the beginning of the wedding reception which was an amazing way for the reception to begin. It was neat to watch the video as a big group of family and friends and see my sister and family’s reactions to the video so soon after the event.

The video was amazing and allowed those who were not at the temple in the morning to see and experience it in such a sweet way. I wanted to stay there and watch the video all night, and I watched it again the next morning as Doug had emailed me the link to the wedding video the night of the wedding which I was able to send to my sister on her honeymoon where she and her husband watched it again.

He also had the reception video edited soon after the wedding and I have already watched that twice. As someone who loves my husband and I’s wedding video, (done by an amazing videographer that is now retired) I can say that I love the work Doug Larson did just as much as I love my own wedding video.

Family member reaction quotes of the night:
Right after the video finished playing the first time around at the reception my husband looked at me with a smile and said, “Soo worth the money!” which is saying a lot for him.
My mother couldn’t stop raving saying, “That was amazing! He (Doug) is the one who has to do any of our other wedding videos.” (I have one more unmarried sister).
My aunt who was at the temple in the morning said, “The temple was beautiful and all in person but he (Doug) just made it look magical.”

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