LDS Payson Temple Wedding Film ~ Lindsay & Andy ~ Utah Wedding Video

LDS Payson Temple Wedding

Lindsay & Andy @ The LDS Payson Temple.

This LDS Payson Temple Wedding Film for Lindsay & Andy is amazing. I love the time lapse at the beginning with the clouds going by the Temple. The wind definitely had a part in this wedding. It was just enough to make things interesting without taking over – which was a good thing. There is a shot at the end of the film (@ 3:20) that is perfect. I love how the lens captures both of them kissing with that beautiful sky above them and then the sun peaking though at the just the right moment. After seeing how this wedding film turned out, I am looking forward to many more LDS Payson Temple Wedding Film’s. And how can I forget the socks the groom and all his friends were wearing. This is definitely a trend that I like.

The reception was at the Northampton House. We have filmed scores of weddings there over the years and it is always amazing.  If your wedding is in the American Fork, Lehi, area, you really need to check out the Northampton House.  They have two main rooms you can use and even a garden area.  On their website, the description I like best is this – “beautiful landscaping, stained glass windows, moldings, hardwood floors and grand staircases throughout.”  Yep, that about sums it up, simply amazing.

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