Wedding Photography and Videography in Utah

I love being able to film the “first look” when the groom sees the bride for the first time in her wedding dress. Stefen could not stop smiling the whole day. During the ring ceremony, the vows they said to each other even made me get a bit teary eyed. They hired us to do both the photography and videography and that will always make things better. And another SLC Temple Wedding really has to bring out the creativity in us. But we could shoot there for 4-5 hours easy, there are so many different spots to choose from so it never gets old.

We love doing family videos. Working along side the photographer while a family is getting pictures taken or even just doing the video by itself, they alway turn out amazing and The Miller Family is no different. This is the second one we’ve done for them so the kids weren’t nervous at all around us which always makes for better video.

Even though we do a ton of weddings, we still love to venture out and try new things.  One of our close friends in the wedding business was welcoming her husband home from over seas and we had to be there.  We put a wireless mic on her and then let the magic happen as it always does.  For this video, having 18 Bronze Star Soldiers Return Home to cheering crowds and the SLC Airport was simply amazing.  News cameras were everywhere, teary eyed spouses were everywhere, ecstatic kids were bouncing off the walls, and security was letting it all happen (as if they could do anything to stop it anyway) lol. Seeing these ordinary men and women who sacrificed so much to serve our country become heroes in the eyes of everyone there, seeing the love of family, seeing the respect from everyone that was just passing by and even a few who stopped to just watch, was something I was always cherish knowing we have normal people in this country who can do extraordinary things. God Bless The USA!!

Ashley & Nate had a bit of a different vision for their wedding film and you will catch it once you watch it.  We started out a few weeks before the wedding and went up American Fork Canyon to get some of the fall colors and it turned out fantastic.  We could have not asked for a more perfect setting.  The twist is that they wanted the shots from the canyon mixed into their Temple shots and I love how it turned out.  I’ve never done a SLC Temple Wedding quite like this.

Close to 80% of our weddings are from referrals from past clients and Amy & Charlie are no exception. It is so fun to get to know families and the fun things that they do. Another nice thing is that they aren’t nervous when a camera is pointed at them, they begin to be completely natural which makes for even better videos. Amy & Charlie’s SLC Temple Wedding was so much fun. Both families were excited to be there and it showed. And you can’t beat this incredible weather for a November wedding. You’d think this was in California except for that iconic SLC Temple in the background of half of the shots. And then there was the reception at the U of U Crimson Room – what a view!! All in all, another great SLC Temple wedding!!

Soul mates – thats the best way to describe Mandy & Jon. Just the way they looked at each other at the SLC Temple and the reception later that night with absolute love and admiration. The day was perfect (amazing for a January wedding – I was only wearing a light jacket). Winter weddings in Utah can get pretty crazy and for the weather to be relatively warm like it was made everything perfect. We were able to spend enough time without getting cold at all really. The reception was also amazing, the chose The Old Meeting House in SLC. Even though they didn’t choose us to be there photographer, we still were able to work well with Kelly at Bella Day Photography. We have shot several weddings with her. If there is one thing I can recommend is to make sure your photographer and videographer have already established a good working relationship. Things just turn out better that way. Obviously we are partial to our own photographers and they do a great job but we also work well with many other photographers. That happens when you’ve been shooting wedding for over 15 years. : )