Miller Family Video @ Morinda in Provo, Utah

The Miller has become some of our good friends over the years and it shows by how comfortable their kids are in front of the camera. A family video is priceless. Doctors recommend a family video as least every two years. Imagine looking back on these in 20 years. What will that be worth to you then? What is it worth now? This would be a perfect family home evening activity. This video was done at Morinda in Provo, Utah.  Their gardens are always impeccable.  Other places we have done family videos are in parks, at the lake, in the canyon, and even at the homes of some of our clients.  We would definitely be up for a family video at Lake Powell.  Anyone, anyone???  : )

You should check out Scott Miller’s guitar channel on YouTube.  He has over 100 videos on how to play the guitar and his band plays in gigs all over the world.

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