Wedding Photography and Videography in Utah



Pointe Digital is one of the best Utah Wedding Videography companies. All of our videography wedding packages can be custom tailored to your needs. We have a variety of packages to fit every budget.  Prices start at $695 for a Temple wedding. Our most popular package is $1295 which would include the Temple and Reception and a same day edit that can be shown at the reception. Check out the video blog to see some of our same day edits. You can expect that yours will be similar to the ones shown on the video blog.

We also film traditional wedding ceremonies and you can view those highlight videos on the video blog also. We really recommend doing a three camera shoot for ceremonies. Typically, we have two stationary cameras set up and roam around with the third capturing different angles so that when we edit it, you get tons of different angles and view points. We also use wireless mics so that you get crystal clear sound during the ceremony and especially your vows.

Before choosing a videography package, it is very important to consider all the facets of your wedding. We create cinematic masterpieces that will capture the pure emotion of your wedding day.  We have shot well over 1,000 weddings and you are certain to benefit from our experience.  We are two of the most recognized videographers in the state of Utah and have been for several years because of our attention to detail and our creative style of shooting weddings.  You will be surprised when you find out all that we can do for you.  Call us today to discuss your wedding and the many options for videography that you can choose. 801-755-8950