Utah Wedding Video | Brooke & Kris | LDS SLC Utah Temple Wedding Highlight Film

SLC Temple Wedding Kiss

Brooke & Kris posing for an incredible moment captured on video. This is a still frame from the video

This SLC Utah Temple Wedding Highlight Film for Brooke & Kris is different than any other that I have done. I decided to add in a few shots at the beginning of the sights and sounds of downtown SLC and then contrast it with the sacredness of the Temple and the peace that is there when we look for it. Brooke and Kris are in a long line of referrals so it was fun to see so many of my past wedding clients in at this wedding. Let’s just say love was in the air. Just the way they looked at each other, they way they smiled when they were close to each other, and the way kissed – Brooke and Kris are truly in love and it was great to be there. I love the shot at 1:10 in the film where I start out facing them and then as I circle around them you can see the whole Temple with the sun peaking through the trees. And then at 4:15 in the film, Brooke gives the best wink ever caught by me on camera.

Weddings @ Cedar Hills Golf CLub

Just a collage of images taken from the reception video for Brooke & Kris.

The reception was at the Cedar Hills Golf Clubhouse. It is a spacious room with incredible views to the west of Northern Utah County and at sunset, the views are always incredible. I highly recommend the Cedar Hills Golf Clubhouse!!

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