Utah Wedding Video | Breanna & Brendon | Jordan River Temple

Filming Breanna & Brendons wedding at the Jordan River Temple was interesting. Breanna is my niece so it’s safe to say that “her” family has seen more of my videos than any other family out there. Everything turned out amazing. Breanna was so happy, you could just feel it. I think she really did well in choosing Brendon, they just seem to belong to each other. I’m sure my brother and his wife couldn’t be happier for her. I started out using some of the drone shots Davey got last week at the Jordan River Temple and that always captures your attention with shots like that. And of course we did the photography also – here are a few of my favorite shots of Breanna & Brendon at the Jordan River Temple. Jordan River Temple Wedding
For the reception that night, they chose the Arbor Manor reception center in West Valley City. OK, this is crazy, but I’ve been shooting weddings for 16 years and this is the first time I’ve been there – it was amazing. I highly recommend Arbor Manor if you are looking to have your wedding and/or reception in West Valley. So, once again, Congratulations Breanna & Brendon, we were honored to be apart of your wedding day celebration!!

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