Peter Breinholt performing at a wedding reception.

LDS Payson Utah Temple WeddingWhat do you get your brother who has everything? That was the question Dave’s brothers asked themselves. Then if finally hit them, hire Peter Breinholt to perform at the wedding reception. Dave and his wife Denise went to a Peter Breinholt concert when they first started dating – they love his music – so the only thing left to do was convince Peter to perform at their wedding. Peter usually performs to sold out crowds all over Utah and the surrounding states, so performing at a wedding was going to take some convincing. Dave’s brothers persisted and Peter agreed that this would be a fun wedding to perform at – he couldn’t have been more right. I put a wireless mic on Dave (I had to tell him that I wanted to get some good audio of he and Denise talking to their guests) so that when Peter came through the line to surprise him, we could hear everything just perfect. Major shout out to Dave’s brothers for pulling this off. This was definitely a wedding to remember!!

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