Wedding Photography and Videography in Utah

SLC Temple Wedding Kiss

Brooke & Kris posing for an incredible moment captured on video. This is a still frame from the video

This SLC Utah Temple Wedding Highlight Film for Brooke & Kris is different than any other that I have done. I decided to add in a few shots at the beginning of the sights and sounds of downtown SLC and then contrast it with the sacredness of the Temple and the peace that is there when we look for it. Brooke and Kris are in a long line of referrals so it was fun to see so many of my past wedding clients in at this wedding. Let’s just say love was in the air. Just the way they looked at each other, they way they smiled when they were close to each other, and the way kissed – Brooke and Kris are truly in love and it was great to be there. I love the shot at 1:10 in the film where I start out facing them and then as I circle around them you can see the whole Temple with the sun peaking through the trees. And then at 4:15 in the film, Brooke gives the best wink ever caught by me on camera.

Weddings @ Cedar Hills Golf CLub

Just a collage of images taken from the reception video for Brooke & Kris.

The reception was at the Cedar Hills Golf Clubhouse. It is a spacious room with incredible views to the west of Northern Utah County and at sunset, the views are always incredible. I highly recommend the Cedar Hills Golf Clubhouse!!

This LDS Mt. Timpanogos Temple Wedding Highlight Film + First Look turned out amazing.  Jennie & Matthew were meant for each other and you could feel the love!! It all started with the first look – I wasn’t planning on shooting it but they were doing it at Thanksgiving Point (Rochelle was doing the photography), so I brought the kids and as we were getting ready to run around Thanksgiving Point, Jennie was ready to reveal the dress to Matthew, so I grabbed one of Rochelle’s DSLR cameras that shoots video also and captured that moment. Then the video gets to the Temple part and it was just perfect. The colors, the family, the tons of kids rushing up to them as they exited the Temple.  And of course, all of their friends that showed up to witness an amazing wedding. They definitely felt the love of everyone who came to support them.

Mount Timpanogos Utah LDS Temple

Family Group Photos during a wedding session at the Mount Timpanogos Utah LDS Temple

Throughout the video, the couple shots are mixed in to the family shots.  Jennie and Matthew were amazing, I love that we didn’t have to tell them to kiss.  We might have asked them to stop for a second so we could get a different pose.  : ) One of my favorite shots ever occurs at 1:25. It lasts for about 15 seconds and it just screams romantic!! Definitely take the time to watch this part. This is one of my favorite LDS Mt. Timpanogos Temple Wedding Highlight Films.  Not shown in the video is their reception at the brand new Noah’s in Lindon.  Wow, this new location is really perfect for a wedding or reception.  I’m going to post more photos in a different post showing off this new event center.  Loved it!!

Here it is, one of my favorite Mt. Timpanogos Temple Wedding Highlight Film’s.

Just a few of our favorite Wedding Day Photos of Ali & Treven’s wedding at Noahs in South Jordan, Utah. Ali & Treven were so amazing together. The way they looked at each other, the way they held each other, how excited and nervous they both were before the ceremony, it was just perfect. You can check out their wedding highlight film HERE.

For more Wedding Day Photos, you can check out our Facebook page. Ali & Treven also hired us for videography, our photo video booth, and our professional DJ. This was an amazing wedding from start to finish. We might have to post more of their wedding day photos.

Wedding Photo

Ali & Treven at Noahs in South Jordan Utah.

Ali & Treven’s wedding had all the elements needed to make an amazing wedding highlight film. Their vows were tender and straight from the heart. The lighting was perfect in the late afternoon for the pictures of the two of them. Their first dance, and the dances with the Dad and Mom were emotional (you could feel the love while they were dancing), and overall, it was just a great wedding. I always wonder how its going to be when I dance with my girls or when my wife will dance with our boys at their weddings. I hope it will be like ALi & Treven’s dances with their Dad and Mom.

The venue was perfect. I love the feel of the main room at Noahs in South Jordan. They also hired us for photography (one of my favorite pictures is posted above), our photo video booth, and one of our professional DJ’s. Everything went perfectly from the food, to the atmosphere, the guests, the officiant, but most importantly, ALi & Treven themselves. They were just so happy the whole day. Congratulations Ali & Treven!! We hope you enjoy your wedding highlight film the rest of your lives together.

  • Levente - Courtenay – I love them all! She did a wonderful job capnuritg all of their sweet personalities! I definitely want some for my new place! They are such amazing kids so lucky to be there aunt!ReplyCancel

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Wedding

Julie & Nels at the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple. This picture was taken behind the Temple on the roundabout.

This wedding at the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple was too much fun. Julie is my wife’s cousin so it was fun to see so much family there supporting Julie & Nels as they got married. It’s also a little nerve racking because expectations are always high when we are filming family because they’ve seen our best work and we of course want to give them our best. The video starts out with Julie & Nels talking about each other and the wedding ceremony with the song “I love to see the Temple” by Paul Cardall playing in the background. I think I could have ended the video there after 45 seconds – but of course I didn’t, both families were great to work with and this was the video we showed at the reception that night. I know a lot of other videographers say they need at least 4 hours to do a same day edit, I have nothing against them, but the same day edit is something we are very good at and we can do it very fast. If we have an hour, we can do a same day edit that you will love!! I’ve even done some in less than that but they are a little shorter than a normal same day edit. Would you like something like this playing at your wedding reception? Call us today to schedule your wedding!!

LDS Payson Utah Temple WeddingWhat do you get your brother who has everything? That was the question Dave’s brothers asked themselves. Then if finally hit them, hire Peter Breinholt to perform at the wedding reception. Dave and his wife Denise went to a Peter Breinholt concert when they first started dating – they love his music – so the only thing left to do was convince Peter to perform at their wedding. Peter usually performs to sold out crowds all over Utah and the surrounding states, so performing at a wedding was going to take some convincing. Dave’s brothers persisted and Peter agreed that this would be a fun wedding to perform at – he couldn’t have been more right. I put a wireless mic on Dave (I had to tell him that I wanted to get some good audio of he and Denise talking to their guests) so that when Peter came through the line to surprise him, we could hear everything just perfect. Major shout out to Dave’s brothers for pulling this off. This was definitely a wedding to remember!!