Wedding Photography and Videography in Utah

Creating this Payson Temple Highlight film for Maycee & Trevor was simply amazing.  I was so excited to be able to shoot there for the first time, one week after the Payson Temple opened.  Even though it was hot and the trees still need a fews years to mature, it was just amazing.  The detail on the Payson Temple, both inside and out is breathtaking.  I was able to take my family through the Temple when they had the open house to the public (I highly recommend that btw).  And then to top it off, I love seeing couples that are truly in love.  Maycee & Trevor were so much fun to be around and work with.  We could have shot there all day – except for how hot it was and they had other wedding things to do that day – imagine that.   I’m quite certain that the Payson Temple will become one of the busier ones in Utah, it is just spectacular!!  I was also able to create two other videos for Maycee & Trevor – a Save The Date video and also their First Look/Bridal video.  Both of these turned out awesome as well.  And then to top off the day, they had a luncheon/reception at the Alpine Arts Center in Alpine, Utah.  You can never go wrong by having your wedding or reception there, it always looks amazing.  There is enough room inside or outside or both if you want it for your wedding.  The nice part for me was being able to go home early that night – they started at 5pm.  In review, I highly recommend getting married at the Payson Temple.  The Alpine Arts Center – two thumbs up!!  And yea, Pointe Digital to capture it all and create priceless videos for you to enjoy the rest of your life – I really recommend that!!

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This First Look was perfect!!  Trevor loves Maycee so much and I love how blown away he was by how amazing she looked in her dress.  This was filmed at the International Peace Gardens in SLC, Utah.  The funnest part about this video is the fact that the weather was supposed to be thunder and lighting with heavy rain.  Yea, that didn’t happen, fortunately for them and we got some amazing shots the entire night.  The International Peace Gardens is a great place for pre wedding shoots, family pictures, senior pictures, and just about anything else involving a camera – and it’s free!!

This Utah Wedding Video for Jessica & James at the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple has some fun history behind it for Pointe Digital.  Long before Pointe Digital was formed, I helped Davey (the other videographer here at Pointe Digital) make some Country Dancing Instructional videos that he would sell at the place he and his wife met.  James purchased those videos so he could get better at country dancing and then several years later he met Jessica there also and now the rest is history.  So the moral of the story is this, buy Davey’s Country Dancing instructional videos so you can impress your future wife.  : )  Or at least go country dancing – I met my wife country dancing but it was not my dancing that skills that impressed her – I guess I needed Davey’s videos also.

Another Utah Wedding Video that just turned out amazing. The Draper Temple was just beautiful.  It’s always fun when you know the family, I did Jennifer’s sisters wedding a few years ago and then we moved 1/2 mile away from their parents last year. And then at the wedding, I recognized another bride I did the video for and she is Ammon’s cousin. It’s such a small world in Utah. The “first look” part of the video is very touching. We put a wireless mic on Ammon so you could hear his reaction to seeing Jennifer for the first time in her wedding dress from Allyses Bridal. It was also the first day that the weather was good, it has been raining so much lately that everyone was nervous but it was simply amazing. And they had us do the photography also – some of their pictures are so stunning. You can just feel the love they have for each other. We were honored to capture their special day for them.

Save the date videos are a perfect way to announce your wedding or to invite your family and friends to your wedding? Should they take the place of a traditional invitation? No way!! Maycee & Trevor decided on Thanksgiving Point for the location for their save the date video. We actually did the shoot in the morning and it turned out great. These videos are sometimes called engagement videos but with a little text at the beginning and the end, voila, it turns into an invitation. The other nice part about this is now they won’t be nervous in front of the camera at their wedding and that makes their wedding day highlight film even better. My favorite shot is the last shot of the video, where they are kissing with the blue sky in the background and you see two birds fly overhead. This particular shot was captured in super slow motion. I think it turned out good, what do you think?