Wedding Photography and Videography in Utah

Alyssa & Cole’s Payson Utah Temple Wedding Highlight Film has some really unique elements in it. First, getting the speeches from the wedding breakfast earlier in the morning and having enough time to include in the same day edit added such an emotional impact at the reception. Second, having the alarm go off at the Temple and hearing the announcement for everyone to exit the building – while they were still in there – yea, there were some concerned family members outside waiting – but I found out that they had been having problems with it that day and it wasn’t the first time.

Ben is my nephew so of course he is going to have me film his wedding. One night we were hanging out at his house and I had my gear with me so we went to the park and voila – created this Save The Date video. I really enjoy filming weddings for my extended family because they know what to expect and there isn’t an awkward get to know you stage for a few minutes on the first shoot. Ben and Lindsay were so much fun and as much as I like Ben, it’s safe to say he married up. : ) Well done young man!!