After 18+ years in the wedding business, I have learned a thing or two. I am now offering mentoring/coaching sessions for all wedding vendors. It’s interesting being by the bride and groom all day and listening to them talk about the things they love and don’t love, things they wish they had done and things they could have done without, etc. There is also a ton I have learned about SEO, Social Media, and Website Construction that can be included in your session.

I am also offering mentoring/coaching sessions specifically geared towards photographers and videographers combined with the knowledge I have about being in the wedding business and with the skills I have being a professional wedding videographer and photographer. There is so much more to know that just using the right equipment.

Pricing starts at $500 for a 3 hour session and includes an in depth analysis of your business and several different things that you can improve on or add to your business to succeed. As a bonus, if you spend at least $1000 on your session, I will create a marketing video for you to use on Instagram, YouTube, your website, etc. You will also get a 1 hour photo session to be used however you want; products, headshots, in action shots at a wedding, etc.

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