Megan & Dillon – Lake Powell Wedding Highlight Film

This Lake Powell Wedding Highlight Film was one of my favorite weddings to film ever!! First off, how can you go wrong when you get married at Lake Powell’s Antelope Point Marina? Second, the weather was perfect, not too hot at all (this wedding was on September 8th, 2012) which made some of the scenic shots too die for. Last but not least, anytime you have a destination wedding, you know that all of your guests really want to be there with you celebrating your wedding. That also makes for great shots to use in the wedding highlight film. Megan & Dillon were so relaxed the whole day. You could tell from the beginning that they were in love. All of their closest friends were there which makes the celebration even that much better. Immediately following the ceremony, we began getting shots of the family and friends, which is typical for a wedding, but because of the layout of the dock, we had to shoot across a section of water so I think everyone was nervous about someone falling in. Then, once that was done, we took Megan & Dillon over on the rocks by the water. It was here that we got our most favorite shots of the day. Unfortunately, we had some time restraints, like you usually do at a wedding, so we had to finish up a lot sooner than I wanted to but we were able to get the shots we needed to make this amazing wedding film. Once we got back to the marina, dinner started, which was amazing btw, and shortly after dinner, Megan & Dillon danced with their Dad and Mom. Having 6 kids, I always wonder what that moment will be like and when I saw the love they had with their parents, I could only hope that one day, when I dance with my daughters or my wife dances with our sons, that it would be similar. It was obvious that they were close with the parents; seeing the smiles, the tears, the hugs….. I wish all of the daddy/daughter and mother/son dances could be like Megan & Dillons. And then the party started, they hired a fantastic club style DJ who was mixing it up the whole night. At the end of the night, we climbed in these mini cars driven by the staff at Antelope Point Marina, and made the long trek back up to the parking lot where the sweetest BMW 7 series car was waiting to take them to their hotel. I can’t wait to go there again!!

After the wedding, Megan wrote this on about Pointe Digital.
“I would recommend Pointe Digital to ANYONE look for a videographer. By the time I had considered a videographer my photography was already contracted….no problem for these guys! They worked hand in hand with my photographer and created such a beautiful video for us, I can’t believe this isn’t the FIRST thing I booked for my wedding. To any bride on the fence about videography, if you hire Pointe Digital you will NOT regret your investment when you get to watch all the parts of your wedding you did and did not get to experience, they get it all! In such a whirlwind of a day its easy to forget some of the small things that happened….you get to relive them when they’re captured so expertly by your videographer! As a plus, if there’s anything (or anyone) that you WANT to forget, they can make that happen to! 🙂 Could not be happier with my experience with Pointe Digital!”

Megan & Dillon – Lake Powell Wedding Highlights from Doug Larson on Vimeo.

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