Mckenzie & Bryant – Manti Temple Wedding Highlight Film

This Manti Temple Wedding Highlight Film is one of my favorites for so many reasons.  First, the Christensen Family is amazing, I’m sad that this is their last kid to get married.  They made me feel like one of the family and truly epitomize the saying, the salt of the earth.  Next, I love it when so many different seasons of weather happen in a 2-3 hour period – it makes for some dramatic video for sure.  The hail, the wind, the beautiful blue sky, the clouds racing over the Manti Temple, the thunder and lightning right before they came out of the Temple, the bone chilling cold wind, the warm splash of sun, and of course capturing the clouds in quick motion and the hail in slow motion.  Add all of that to a couple who is in love and voilà, you have an amazing wedding highlight film.  Last, but not least, I really do love my job.  Yes, it makes it even better when you get to hang out with the Christensens for two days, but being able to create wedding highlight films like this and have it ready for the reception the next night, makes my job the best in the world.  And then there was the reception…as they had me do last year, I brought a sound system for the background music and then turned it up a bit for the Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son dances and also for their first dance.  This is a perfect way to enhance a wedding reception when you just want to play background music and a few songs to dance to.  That said, we also have DJ’s for hire that are amazing.  Our sound system rentals are only $100 if we are already going to be there.  You can choose the best of both worlds for your wedding.  Of course, we also brought a large flat screen tv to show their Manti Temple Wedding Highlight Film.  The weekend was perfect!!  Congratulations McKenzie & Bryant!!!!


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