MaLea & McCord – Wedding Highlight Film

MaLea & McCord’s Wedding Highlight Film turned out amazing!! There were several times during the wedding where I would film something it just turned out perfect. I’ve been filming weddings now for over 15 years and I still get excited about things like that. They are very much in love and just seeing them whisper to each other throughout the night just made it perfect. The wedding was held at the Harvest Park Event Center in Mapleton, Utah. I’m pretty sure that won’t be the last time I’m there, it was very beautiful. Malea’s bridal video can be seen here – We also did the photography for MaLea & McCord. I love working with my wife, we have shot hundreds of wedding together. Did I mention this was a complete package? They also had us bring our photo booth which is completely automated but we still have an attendant on hand to assist the guests and as usual, it was a hit. To top it off, they even hired one of our amazing DJ’s. Yes, everything ran smoothly, they said I Do, they kissed, they drove off into the night, they lived happily ever after – ok, that was cheesy, but it was a great wedding. Congratulations MaLea & McCord!!

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