18 Bronze Star Soldiers Return Home

Even though we do a ton of weddings, we still love to venture out and try new things.  One of our close friends in the wedding business was welcoming her husband home from over seas and we had to be there.  We put a wireless mic on her and then let the magic happen as it always does.  For this video, having 18 Bronze Star Soldiers Return Home to cheering crowds and the SLC Airport was simply amazing.  News cameras were everywhere, teary eyed spouses were everywhere, ecstatic kids were bouncing off the walls, and security was letting it all happen (as if they could do anything to stop it anyway) lol. Seeing these ordinary men and women who sacrificed so much to serve our country become heroes in the eyes of everyone there, seeing the love of family, seeing the respect from everyone that was just passing by and even a few who stopped to just watch, was something I was always cherish knowing we have normal people in this country who can do extraordinary things. God Bless The USA!!

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